Tigers gearing up to defending!

Sep. 18, 2009

The STU Tommies and Molson are joining ranks for 2009 resulting in the entry of TEAM MOLSON into the tournament, thus ensuring a full 10 team - 18 game schedule.

Recruitment of Tommies alums proved to be especially challenging this year leading to the blending of local AUS and AUAA players together with 4-5 STU grads suiting up under the Molson banner.

This hybrid entry changes no other aspects of the weekend activities. For example, Team Molson will simply take STU's place in the game schedule.

For the round robin games, Team Molson will play the following schedule:
Friday Sept 25  @ The Forum
7.30pm          Molson vs UPEI
Saturday Sept 26 @ Civic Arena
10.30am        Molson vs UNB
2.30pm          Molson vs ACA

Leading the organization of Team Molson will be STU grad Andrew Sim, also the team's goalie and Molson's Ryan Ramsey.