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New Team Coordinator for Huskies
Sep. 3, 2008


Breaking a tradition since the start of the tournament six years ago, for the first time Casey Walsh will not be the Team Coordinator for the Huskies.

Walsh is away in PEI on tournament weekend and has passed the gauntlet to 2004 SMU grad Clark Udle.

Udle, currently working at Broadleaf Logistics in Dartmouth, was a key member of the 2002 AUS champion Huskies and was on the ice when the dramatic double overtime goal was scored in the final game at Dal Arena.

Udle reports that sign-ups for this year's Huskies are as brisk as ever and may even include a surprise first-time attendee.
Alex Halat, the player that scored that 2002 championship goal, is planning to travel from Calgary  and if on site, will certainly add to the camraderie and fellowship of fellow Huskies and the colour and excitment of the tourney in general!

It also appears possible that the entire 'white line' from 2002....Udle, Halat and Jason Cannon will be suiting up for the Huskies Old Stars this year. Talk about a reunion!